ECtHR: Irregularities in appointment of Polish judges denied right to ‘tribunal established in law’

Irregularities in the appointment of judges to Poland's top court precluded an applicant company's right to a "tribunal established in law", the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has ruled.

Published 10 May 2021

Poland: Human rights chief ordered out by top court

Polish human rights chief Adam Bodnar has been ordered to leave his post by the country's top court.

Published 16 April 2021

Dutch court refuses extradition to Poland due to rule of law concerns

A court in the Netherlands has refused to extradite a man to Poland due to concerns about his fair trial rights in a country facing a rule of law crisis.

Published 15 February 2021

Poland: Judge linked to ruling party named head of Supreme Court

Further concerns have been raised about the independence of the judiciary in Poland after a judge linked to the ruling right-wing Law and Justice (PiS) party was appointed head of the Supreme Court.

Published 27 May 2020

EU begins legal proceedings against Poland over attack on judiciary

The European Union has begun legal proceedings against Poland for undermining the rule of law as it expressed “serious concern” the country will not host "free and fair" elections next month.

Published 30 April 2020

Poland's top judge and prominent government critic prepares to step down

Poland's most senior judge and one of the strongest critics of the country's controversial justice reforms has firmly criticised the government as her term in office comes to a close.

Published 28 April 2020

Poland: MPs shelve plan to further restrict access to abortion

Controversial proposals to tighten Poland's already-strict abortion laws have been effectively shelved by MPs.

Published 17 April 2020

CJEU orders Poland to suspend government-controlled judicial disciplinary chamber

The Court of Justice of the European Union has ordered Poland to suspend the disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court.

Published 9 April 2020

Polish human rights chief thanks Irish judges for protest support

The head of Poland's human rights commission has thanked the Irish judiciary for supporting a protest in Warsaw against the erosion of judicial independence in the country.

Published 3 March 2020

Poland: Plans to allow judges to be sacked suffer set-back

Controversial plans to allow judges in Poland to be sacked have been dealt a major set-back after they were rejected by the upper house of the country's parliament.

Published 20 January 2020

Judges of the world unite! European judges join march in defence of Polish judiciary

Judges from Ireland and most other European countries joined their Polish counterparts at a protest in Warsaw against the erosion of judicial independence in the country.

Published 13 January 2020

Polish judge thanks Irish judiciary for support ahead of judicial independence protest

A Polish judge has thanked the Irish judiciary for its support ahead of a protest in Warsaw against the erosion of judicial independence in the country.

Published 8 January 2020

Irish Supreme Court judge to join Polish colleagues in Warsaw protest

One of Ireland's most senior judges, Mr Justice John MacMenamin, will join colleagues from Poland at a protest in Warsaw against the alleged erosion of judicial independence in the country.

Published 7 January 2020

Supreme Court: Systemic deficiencies in the independence of Poland’s judiciary not sufficient to refuse man’s surrender

A man who objected to his surrender to Poland on the basis of systemic breaches to the rule of law which would impact his fair trial rights has had his appeal dismissed by the Supreme Court.

Published 13 November 2019

Poland: Judges allegedly masterminded abusive postcards to Supreme Court president

Abusive postcards sent to the president of the Supreme Court of Poland last year were allegedly masterminded by judicial colleagues who supported the country's controversial judicial reforms.

Published 26 August 2019