New report suggests spate of undeclared US airstrikes in Yemen

A new report from Airwars raises the question of whether the Trump administration has been using the CIA for strikes in Yemen in order to shroud US operations there in greater secrecy.

Published 28 October 2020

UK government urged to repatriate nationals detained in Syrian camps

The UK government has been urged to repatriate foreign fighters and their families detained in camps in north-east Syria following an intervention by UN human rights experts.

Published 14 October 2020

David Davis MP demands access to secret hearings on torture

David Davis MP is asking the High Court for access to secret court hearings into past UK involvement in torture.

Published 17 September 2020

Bulk diplomatic immunity conferred on US personnel, court documents reveal

Some 200 American personnel benefited from a bulk diplomatic immunity deal as the UK base they were working on expanded its 'war on terror' operations, according to court documents from the case of Harry Dunn.

Published 2 September 2020

US: Trump describes cost of Guantanamo Bay as 'crazy'

US President Donald Trump has said the cost of running Guantanamo Bay is "crazy", following a New York Times report that estimated the bill for the prison camp at $13 million per detainee per year.

Published 20 September 2019

‘Countless’ lives at risk from 'dangerously short-sighted' approach to death penalty

Human rights NGO Reprieve has intervened in a UK Supreme Court case arguing that the Home Secretary is putting British lives around the globe at risk by refusing to seek death penalty assurances from the US for two men currently held in Syria.

Published 31 July 2019

Government to make definitive statement on long-delayed judicial inquiry into British complicity in torture

The UK Government will make a definitive statement setting out its decision about a judge-led inquiry into torture later this week, de facto Deputy Prime Minister David Lidington MP announced in Parliament. 

Published 16 July 2019

Secret 'torture policy' of Ministry of Defence revealed

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been maintaining a secret policy allowing ministers to approve actions which could lead to torture, The Times reports.

Published 20 May 2019

British government signals it could back Britons in Syria facing death penalty in Iraq

The UK Government has indicated its preferred destination for British nationals detained in north-east Syria, explicitly opposing their transfer to the Assad regime or the US facility at Guantanamo Bay, but confirming it is in “regular discussions” with the government of Iraq about how to “achieve justice”.

Published 11 April 2019

Case to establish whether US can assassinate its own citizens

Lawyers for US citizen Bilal Abdul Kareem have filed their response to the government in a case that will establish whether the US can assassinate its own citizens, without telling them why or offering them their constitutional right to due process.

Published 3 April 2019