England: Proposals call for autism and other conditions to be considered in sentencing

Offenders with mental health conditions and disorders could be given more lenient sentences under proposed guidance published in a consultation from the Sentencing Council.

Published 9 April 2019

Court of Appeal: Man who refused to comply with licence conditions loses appeal against recall to custody

A man who was recalled to prison when he ignored G4S staff who arrived at his home to fit electronic monitoring equipment on the night of his release has lost an appeal against his recall.

Published 2 April 2019

Court of Appeal: Unduly lenient sentence for attempted murder increased to 11 years

A man who pleaded guilty shortly before trial to offences of attempted murder, criminal damage, and resisting police, has had his sentence for attempted murder increased after the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal agreed with the Director of Public Prosecutions that the initial sentence was unduly lenient.

Published 12 March 2019

Presumptive minimum sentences for repeat sexual offenders approved by Oireachtas

A bill to introduce stricter penalties for repeat sexual offenders has cleared both stages in the Oireachtas.

Published 21 February 2019

England: Jail terms of less than six months to be banned

Jail terms of under six months are set to be banned in England and Wales under long-term plans announced by Justice Secretary David Gauke.

Published 19 February 2019