Sexual harassment

England: New app allows barristers to report bullying and sexual harassment

The Bar Council has partnered with a Silicon Valley company to create an app for barristers to report bullying and sexual harassment.

Published 9 September 2019

Workplace Relations Commission: Woman sexually harassed at work awarded €40,000

A woman who was sexually harassed at work for over six months after she returned from maternity leave has been awarded €40,000 in the Workplace Relations Commission.

Published 12 August 2019

England: Sharp rise in sexual harassment complaints against solicitors following #MeToo movement

Complaints of sexual harassment by solicitors in England and Wales rose sharply in 2017/18 off the back of the #MeToo movement, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has said.

Published 26 July 2019

Bullying and sexual harassment 'rife in the legal profession'

Bullying and sexual harassment is "rife in the legal profession", according to a new study which surveyed nearly 7,000 legal professionals from 135 countries.

Published 15 May 2019

England: Bullying and sexual harassment of women exaggerated, says Lord Chief Justice

Bullying and sexual harassment of women in the legal profession is greatly exaggerated, the Lord Chief Justice has said.

Published 4 April 2019

Prosecution of schoolboy for upskirting photos 'highlighted inadequacy of current laws'

The prosecution of a schoolboy who took covert upskirt photos of two teachers has highlighted the inadequacy of Northern Ireland's sexual harassment laws, a trade union has said.

Published 27 February 2019

Dublin lawyer Richard Grogan calls for Irish review of use of NDAs

Dublin employment lawyer Richard Grogan has called for a review in Ireland of the use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in sexual harassment cases, The Times reports.

Published 4 February 2019

England: Lords approve upskirting legislation

Legislation criminalising "upskirting" in England and Wales has been passed.

Published 16 January 2019

England: Judicial bullying and sexual harassment at the bar remain rife

Judges are the main source of bullying in the legal profession while sexual harassment and propositioning remain a problem, a survey for The Times has revealed.

Published 7 January 2019