Sexual offences

Slovenia approves new definition of rape as sex without consent

Slovenia has become the 13th country in Europe to pass legislation defining rape as sex without consent.

Published 7 June 2021

Tom O'Malley: A new equality for Ireland's criminal justice system

Tom O’Malley SC explains his interest in sexual offending and the background to his appointment as chair of the review of protections for vulnerable witnesses in the investigation and prosecution of sexual offences.

Published 28 May 2021

Ireland sets example to Scotland on legal representation for sex offence complainants

Research into the Irish system of legal representation for complainants in sexual offence trials has been cited with approval in a judicial-led review of Scottish sexual offences cases.

Published 27 April 2021

Victims of sexual offences gain access to legal representation

Victims of sexual offences will receive publicly-funded independent legal advice under a pilot scheme launched today.

Published 1 April 2021

Abuse of trust legislation to be widened beyond statutory settings

Legislation banning the likes of teachers and social workers from having sex with under-18s in their care is set to be extended to cover sports coaches and faith leaders.

Published 24 March 2021

Rape crisis charity calls for independent legal representation for victims

Victims of sexual offences should receive independent legal representation throughout criminal trials, rather than limited to the questioning of their previous sexual experience, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (DRCC) has said.

Published 23 March 2021

Government to rationalise harassment laws

The Government is to seek to rationalise laws on harassment to prevent offenders from contacting their victims.

Published 16 March 2021

Sexual offence complainants to have access to legal representation from April

Complainants in sexual offence cases in Northern Ireland will have access to fully qualified sexual offences legal advisors (SOLAs) from April, Justice Minister Naomi Long has confirmed.

Published 12 February 2021

Court of Appeal: Rapist loses appeal against use of 'recent complaint' evidence in trial

The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal against a rape conviction in which the defendant claimed that the trial judge had erred by allowing more than one “recent complaint” witness.

Published 8 January 2021

No fresh prosecution in most of 15 sex offence convictions set aside over legislative error

Most of the sexual offences cases in which convictions were set aside just over two months ago after a legislative error came to light will not return to court, prosecutors have announced.

Published 4 December 2020

Just three per cent of rape reports lead to conviction

Just three per cent of rape cases referred to prosecutors in Northern Ireland in the past year led to prosecution and conviction, new figures suggest.

Published 6 November 2020

Over dozen sex offence convictions set aside over legislative error

The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) has set aside the convictions of 15 individuals for certain sexual offences as a result of a legislative error which caused them to be invalid.

Published 24 September 2020

Scotland: New research raises concerns over use of sexual history in trials

A human rights watchdog has published new research into how sexual history and bad character evidence is used in sexual offences trials in Scotland.

Published 19 August 2020

'Upskirting' law to be brought forward early next year

Legislation to make "upskirting" a specific criminal offence in Northern Ireland will be brought before the Assembly early next year, Justice Minister Naomi Long has said.

Published 18 August 2020

Law Society welcomes O'Malley review recommendations

The Law Society of Ireland has welcomed the recommendations of review of protections for vulnerable witnesses in the investigation and prosecution of sexual offences.

Published 10 August 2020