Spent convictions

Proposals to expand spent convictions regime out for consultation

Proposals to significantly expand the spent convictions regime in Northern Ireland for the first time since its introduction more than four decades ago have gone out for consultation.

Published 11 January 2021

Call for discrimination on basis of criminal conviction to be banned

Discrimination on the ground of criminal conviction should be banned in equality legislation, the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission has said.

Published 9 November 2020

Department of Justice publishes research on spent convictions

The Department of Justice has published two research papers on spent convictions as part of a government review of Ireland's spent convictions regime.

Published 16 October 2020

Review of spent convictions regime begins with consultation

A review of Ireland's spent convictions regime, which is likely to lead to the broadening of the range of convictions that are considered spent, has begun with the launch of a government consultation.

Published 7 October 2020

Seminar to hear calls for alternative approach to young offenders

Alternative sentencing and policy approaches are needed to reduce the offending rate among young adults, the Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT) has said.

Published 22 November 2019

Employers should be banned from discriminating against people on basis of convictions

Employment legislation should be updated to prevent discrimination against people on the basis of past convictions, an Oireachtas committee has said.

Published 12 November 2019

Expanded spent convictions regime would 'reduce reoffending and improve outcomes'

An expanded spent convictions scheme in Ireland would help to reduce reoffending and improve socio-economic outcomes in working class communities, an Oireachtas committee has heard.

Published 10 July 2019

Bill to expand spent convictions regime approved by Senators at second stage

A draft bill to expand Ireland's spent convictions regime has passed the second stage in the Seanad with unanimous support.

Published 14 February 2019

Research into impact of minor convictions 'highlights need for expanded rehabilitation law'

New research into the experiences of people in Ireland with minor convictions highlights the need for an expanded rehabilitation law, penal reform campaigners have said.

Published 6 February 2019